The Good Management, Naturally, Displeases Some People!

That’s it! A good manager is not the one who acts to please, but rather, is the one who does what is right. Sometimes your decisions can please some, sometimes not. When a manager establishes discipline, requires compliance with procedures, demands professionalism, asks for competence, demands commitment, receives results and give feedbacks, this will certainly displease some. It will displease, certainly, the most negligent, the most incompetent, the most incapable, the most inefficient, and the least committed people.

Look at this example that happened to me. I was responsible for Continue reading “The Good Management, Naturally, Displeases Some People!”

Keep An Eye On That, Always!

Keep An Eye On That, Always!

“Shit! Why I didn’t do that?”

That has likely happened to you sometime! Well, the good part is that it teaches us priceless lessons. If you think you should do something, you probably have to. In management, we can face this kind of situations everyday. So, pay attention on your feeling, and don’t lose the proper time to do the right thing.

A Useful Story

See the following case that has happened in a certain company: Continue reading “Keep An Eye On That, Always!”