A Great Question to Uncover Ethics Behavior in a Job Interview

A Great Question to Uncover Ethics Behavior in a Job Interview

Ethics Concern

We know that ethics is a big concern in work environment. Among others, the study conducted by Daniel Johnson, from IBE (Institute of Business Ethics), shows that ethics concern is getting more importance. The Institute, headquartered in the UK, has been doing research on ethical issues in the UK since 2005, and from 2012 included other countries. The responses shows that, from 2005 to 2015, some ethics issues like having written procedures, means to report misconduct in a confidential manner, support advice, training in standards of ethical conduct, have been dealt with more and more attention.

Make a Question

So, a great question to make for a candidate in a job interview is:

What did you like least in your previous boss?

This question was made to me, in the beginning of my career. In fact, what is expected is a response, above all, ethics, and always in a positive tone. It is not to speak ill of anyone, if the candidate liked his boss, he may say so and quote one or other competence he admired; If he didn’t like the boss, it is expected, not that he enumerates the boss’s weak points, nor that he will lie about it, but that he simply says that his boss, like everyone else, had competences to be developed, but that does not come to the case comment, and that the candidate prefers to focus on the fact that he has always had the ability to deal with the various behavioral profiles. Here it is important to note what way the candidate will respond, because the last thing you want to hear is a handful of lamentations. What is expected is an ethical, mature and positive way of addressing this delicate theme, with no anger and no bad feelings.

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