How to Create a Culture that Supports Change?

How to Create a Culture that Supports Change?

A Challenging Scenario – The globalization was the phenomenon of economic and socio-cultural interaction more intense between countries, beginning, notably, in the 90s, and has demanded a higher standard of quality, not just for the products, but also for business professionals. The globalization has been driven by greater political freedom, due to the end of the Cold War; by the reduction in transport costs, arising from market openings and the modernization of the means of transport; and also by the ease of communication with the advent of the commercial internet. Thus we saw, in the industrial field, a big cultural change as market consumers began to have more product options and, with it, the producers of lower quality had basically two ways: improving the quality or close the doors .

An Important Role for the Leaders – With the advent of globalization, real-time information, electronic messaging, easiness of communication, everything happens much faster than decades ago. The new product introduction schedules in Organizations are much shorter than before, the speed of information is much greater. A lot of things going on the speed of the bytes. It’s all very fast. Including decision making. Therefore, change is constant, and there is a need for everybody to be prepared for it. And more than that, not merely be prepared to change, but be willing to be an agent of change, which means, motivate others to change, showing the benefits of them. This is an important role of any Leader in the Organization.

Competence Development – Remember that not every change generates improvements, but there is no improvement without change. That’s what organizations require today: change, improvement and innovation. To be prepared for that, it’s required a solid competence development program, affecting extensively all the stakeholders. Nothing better for the mind opening process than training, that’s a key factor in creating culture, and also builds an environment skilled and receptive.

Creating a Culture that Supports Change – Then, two are the main successful factors for creating an Organizational culture that supports change: good leaders, and a strong competence development program for all the stakeholders.

How to Create a Culture that Supports Change?- Leaders plus Training leads to Creating Culture

The speed of change is not likely to diminish in the future, instead, the competition between companies, and the future of technology is only going to make it rise in the coming years. So, prepare your company for a successful future, creating a culture that supports change, hiring and keeping good leaders, and implementing a strong competence development program. And do it before you start losing market share!