What to Do with Toxic People in the Workplace?

What to Do with Toxic People in the Workplace?

Rudeness, annoyance, incivility, bullying or toxicity, no matter the word you want to use, the subject is an important concern in a work environment. A toxic person is the one who deliberately harms other people and the workplace. It is a serious concern because just one toxic person has a tremendous power of destruction in a workplace, that’s why a proper actions has to be taken.

Six characteristics of toxic people

  • Toxic people try to belittle your work, trying to humiliate you;
  • Toxic people are always negative and are happy to point out your faults;
  • Toxic people always want to manipulate you, forcing you to do what they want;
  • Toxic people like to disagree and enjoy the instability created in the workplace;
  • Toxic people want to ridicule you, but expect you to continue tolerant with them;
  • Toxic people are rude and crude, in the most unspected situations;
The damages of toxic people

Not all managers has the entire understand about how bad and perverse is to have a toxic people inside the Organization. According the poll conducted by Christine Porath (Georgia University) and Christine Pearson (Thunderbird School of Global Management) of 800 managers and employees in 17 industries, some of the price of incivility are:

  • 66% said that their performance declined.
  • 78% said that their commitment to the organization declined.
  • 12% said that they left their job because of the uncivil treatment.
  • 25% admitted to taking their frustration out on customers.


What to do with a toxic person

Do you know a toxic person?

If you are subordinate to him, it’s complicated, but there are somethings you can do.
Firstly, don’t play his game, he wants you to get sad and to loose performance, he wants you to get fragile. Write down some situations example of the bullying and try to get witnesses.

If you think you can try a conversation with the toxic person first, go ahead, but be really careful, have a conversation explaining what kind of behavior he is having that is offensive or abusive to you. Tell him that you will not allow that to continue.

If you think is not worth, ask for help, for example, in the Human Resources Dept.

But, if you are the manager of him, don’t waste your time, just get rid of him as soon as possible. The workplace will be thankful, and the team will gain performance and effectiveness.

In defense of the good work environment, competitiveness and effectiveness, do not tolerate toxic people in your team, department, area, division or company!