How to Make a Succesful Strategic Plan

How to Make a Succesful Strategic Plan

 What is a strategic plan for? A corporate strategic plan is the most powerful tool for helping the company growth. First of all, it is important to understand the common mistakes about strategic plan.

It is a mistake to make a strategic plan for:

  • just showing the headquarters, the board, or the owners,
  • just to say you have it
  • keeping it as a secret document

A good strategic plan is build by the high and middle management, and all the macro objectives has to be translated for the daily operations, as a key actions on the side of expenses (which involves partners, activities, and resources: people, processes, and technology), as well as, revenues (which involves partners, and customers: segments, channels, and relationship).

Like a puzzle, in order to have it completed, it is necessary to put all the pieces together and check if it shows a correct image.