Emotional Balance

Emotional Balance

Emotional balance is the capacity you have to control yourself in stress situations, and is a key competence for you to grow in your career.

A very powerful way to keep us balanced is the mental predisposition, which means, how we consciously think and propose to react to certain situations. It’s like a mental programming. When we are predisposed to act with balance when this or that situation happens, we are much more prepared to face the stress of that moment.

Mental Control

Here I can give a personal testimony: I’m not the type of person who likes to drive a car on a daily basis, considering the traffic of the big cities. So I used to often lose control in traffic situations, arguing, shouting, and getting annoyed and stressed. Since I used to drive the car already thinking about not allowing bad driving of others, and even wanting to educate careless drivers, the result was mostly stress and loss of control. My entire life was like that.

After losing control in front of my mate some, I decided to change my behavior, programming my brain in the following way: there are bad drivers in traffic, period. Well, if I can control myself in other situations, it is a sign that I can do it also in the traffic driving a car.

Understanding that bad drivers may appear at any time, I have forced myself not to want to rebuke them. From then on, I start focus on driving defensively, using the horn only for alerts, when strictly necessary. I stop using the high light or the horn as a way to show complains about the careless drivers. Situations such as double-row, mistaken conversions, bad driving in general, start being treated in a way to seek safety, no more aggressiveness.

Amazing Results

After this mental predisposition, the result was incredible. I start facing the same situations, where I used to get angry before, but now without losing balance and reason, and focusing on safety and emotional balance! It’s working! But I know that’s easy to go back and screw up everything, so it’s important to understand that it’s necessary to keep in mind the focus on balance.

The message here is that you can use this mental predisposition in any situations, like in your work, mainly if you are a manager! So, let’s do it!