How To Build a Winning Team?

How To Build a Winning Team?

This is probably one of the biggest questions in the leadership area. I have probably known dozens of good leaders, but dozens of bad ones. Some of the bad leaders were, not just bad, but terrible, and most of them, probably, thought they were good. If you want to know how good one leader is, just look at his team.

I believe there are some rules to follow when you want to create a winning team. You have to establish some key points that can drive you towards a good team results. I call these 10 key points as part of the Virtuous Circle of the Winning Team. Let’s see them:

Positive Attitude

Don’t accept a team member that doesn’t have a confidence in the future. It doesn’t mean to be a dummy guy that doesn’t have a contingency plan, or is not prepared for the adversity. No, definitely not! But people in your team has to believe that things will be better, and the future will bring learning and good results.

Mutual Respect

Don’t even think about tolerate disrespect in your team, this is an infection that can contaminate all. The same respect that people has to have with the leader is the respect that the leader has to have with the team. And is the same respect that the team has to have each other.


To make possible the things happen accordingly, the team has to be a system of persons arranged in a graded order. It’s not different from the sport players’ team (coach, captain, players, etc.)


There is no good job, without discipline. Discipline is freedom. Discipline makes the team work better, discipline makes the team work harder, discipline makes the work easier.


Moral principles and ethics is mandatory. Lack of ethics in your team is like a ticking bomb. Get rid of this kind of people, you don’t need them.



Committed people save a life, committed people avoids a fire, committed people stops a loss, committed people achieves results!


A person in your team has to have the required competence, if not, train him and evaluate him. If he has acquired the competence, congratulate him, if not, try to understand why. Sometimes the issue is the training, sometimes the issue is the person, he can be in the wrong job position. In this case, replace him by someone with the proper competencies.


All the team members should continuously seek to improve procedures, processes and results.


The bottom line is the results achieved by the team so, everybody needs to focus on results.


Can you imagine sport players that don’t celebrate a goal or point? So, celebrate with your team all the achievements. That’s important to keep up the virtuous circle of the winning team!

Make sure everybody in your team are aware of these points and completely understand them. Try to implement this key points in your team and see by yourself the results!