Key Questions to Ask Before Closing Strategic Planning!

Key Questions to Ask Before Closing Strategic Planning

Often, an effort put into productive meetings and discussions to create an Organization’s strategic planning may not have the desired effect, simply because it does not address 3 fundamental issues: reasonableness, objectivity, and communication. To ensure that these points are met, we must ask 3 questions before we consider finished the elaboration of the strategic planning. Here’s what they are:

# 1 – Does Strategic Planning consider a reasonable growth for the coming years, taking into account the market and the competition?

The strategic planning of an Organization has two basic functions: the first, of course, to structure the Organization’s growth and development, and the second, purposefully, to boost it. Therefore, we want strategic planning focusing on the highest growth possible, within, of course, reasonableness. He must be as ambitious as possible, and as realistic as necessary.

# 2 – Are the actions that are vital to the planning process very clear?

At the end of strategic planning, we must have very clear what are the key actions to achieve the macro-objectives of planning. They are those actions to which we must pay close attention, so that we are sure that they will proceed as planned and will not jeopardize the entire effort already applied by the Organization and to guarantee the accomplishment of the initial objectives according to the planning.

# 3 – Is there a specific action plan to disseminate strategic planning objectives / actions at all levels of the Organization?

Okay, let’s consider that we have a very reasonable strategic planning, and we have  already identified all the fundamental actions that must take place, but for all of this to happen, we must move the entire Organization in the same direction, and as planned. To do this, we need to communicate and involve all members of the Organization. Therefore, there must be a specific plan of action for this so that we have the whole Organization engaged in the strategic planning.

These are, without a doubt, simple questions, but I have seen them neglected in important Organizations. Do not take that risk! Before considering to close a strategic planning cycle, ask these 3 key questions and ensure a successful path in pursuit of the Organization’s larger goals.

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